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Mooch had heard about these things called beer festivals where there was lots and lots of different types of beers, but he'd never been to one. So when the local CAMRA group held their 12th Croydon & Sutton Beer & Cider Festival he decided to go and have a look - and a drink of course!

Mooch met an old friend who was serving, but Bill still had time to show Mooch around. (15-Oct-2005)
Mooch meets an old friend.

The festival was held in the Wallington hall in South London. (15-Oct-2005)
An overview of the hall.

Mooch rides a cask of beer. There were about 100 'barrels' of beer and cider.
But they still had to get more on the 2nd day! (15-Oct-2005)
Mooch sits on one cask of beer.

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