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Mooch's Adventures

About Mooch monkey

About Mooch:

Mooch is a black and white beanie monkey. Mooch and his ape and monkey friends like to take their humans out for fun times! Some of their trips and antics are shown here. Mooch has had so much fun on his trips that he is now very dirty and refuses to have a bath! Mooch suggests you look at his latest blog / diary for what has been doing.

Mooch also is very keen on his ancestry and you will also find family history and memoirs on the website.


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Mooch would like to thank all the staff at Applegarth School, Moor House School and St Catherine's for their past help with Annie.

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Mooch likes a beer but he does not condone drinking by minors, or in excess. Drinkaware

Mooch's Cookie Policy - Mooch monkey with cookies

Cookie Policy:

Mooch thinks that cookies should be eaten and not put on someone's computer to track their crumb trail. So mooch.org.uk does not use any cookies!
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