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Here's some pictures from Mooch's online friends from around the world!
Some of Mooch's Friends
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All the primates like playing games and having fun. Here's some of their favourites:
Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012
Monster Inc & University Monsters Inc & Monsters University
Mooch wants you to vote Election 2010
Mooch wants you to vote Banana Party!
parts: 1   2   3   4
Mooch plays petanque in the park
Petanque in the park
Monkey Dance
an homage to hampsterdance.com
The monkeys like to dance the night away!
line dancing Line Dancing
The kids dance with their dalek.
Test Card M Test Card M
Mooch's TV station.
Mooch drinks too much Mooch drinks too much
An animation of Mooch drinking.
Building a new PC Building a new PC
  Part 2 - putting in the CPU
  Part 3 - loading software
The monkeys like their food.
Big Mama's jam roly poly pudding
  part 2  (printable recipe)
Bonsai tries to make profiteroles
  part 2  (printable recipe)
Mooch's Sudoku
Mooch's Sudoku
Mooch's Sudoku is played like normal, but with pictures not numbers.
Easy Game
Medium Game
Making an Orange Monkey friend

Mooch makes a friend and takes him for a drink.
Making an Orange Monkey friend
Taking him to the pub

Mooch would like you to visit his friend:
The House of the Orange Monkey
Mooch's Word Search
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