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Big Mama is standing as your future Chancellor.
At the beginning of the recent financial crisis Big Mama Schweetheart heard about the Tulip being used as an economic base. During the 1600's Dutch Tulip Bubble the tulip bulb was used as an economic commodity!

So Big Mama decided to plant some tulips to encourage economic growth!
First she dug a patch of ground (with her red spade of course).
Big Mama Schweetheart our Orangutan matriach digging with a red spade.

She then sowed the bulbs for future growth
Big Mama Schweetheart our Orangutan matriach sowing tulip bulbs.

Big Mama never misses a photo opportunity!
Big Mama Schweetheart being photographed whilst planting tulip bulbs.

and so in the spring of 2010, Big Mama Schweetheart is pleased to announce the first flowering of her financial initiative!
Big Mama Schweetheart with blooming tulips.
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