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We've had many emails from fans around the world and some of them have sent photos.
Here's a few of the photos - please send yours if you would like it here.
Livia's Mooch has Italian tendancies...
Here he is at the cathedral in Florence.  (2010)
Livia's Mooch monkey in Italy.
but he obviously likes bananas and a drink!
Livia's Mooch monkey.
Livia's Mooch monkey.
Sue followed Mooch's elephant adventures
Her father was a "Chelsea Pensioner" and lived at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.
Here he is with HELP!. His Royal Hospital story is here.  (2010)
A Chelsea Pensioner with HELP! the elephant.
Sue bought a tiny elephant called Mosha from an Elephant Parade Shop.
Mosha has become the Elephant Family mascot after losing a leg in a landmine explosion.
An unpainted version of Sasha, an elephant that lost a leg.
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