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We've had fun at Christmas 2012 and New Year 2013!

Mama got a new hat, strawberry jam and a pack of tea for her Christmas presents.
Just about all she wished for!  (25-Dec-2012)
Big Mama Schweetheart with her xmas presents of a hat, tea and jam!

The kids got bow-ties.
bow ties

Big Mama checked what was on televison with the traditional Christmas issue of Radio Times!
All she needed was her TV zapgun and a cup of tea to complete her programme viewing happiness.
Big Mama Schweetheart Orangutan looks into the Christmas Radio Times

There was turkey for Christmas lunch, but Yeti got to it whilst the turkey was still in the roasting tin.
(Yeti also got a new hat for Christmas and would not take it off!)
Yeti gets to carve the turkey

Big Mama Schweetheart got a bit of everything for Christmas dinner 2012.
Mama has turkey and all the timmings for her Xmas lunch

Yeti looked a bit worse for wear on New Years Day.
He'd drunk the whole bottle of Champagne!  (01-Jan-2013)
Yeti after New Year hugging a bottle

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