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The Monkey brothers are a right pair of comedians - "to me, to you!"
The Monkey brothers

Annie took M1 on her first day at Moor House School (10-Sep-2001)
Annie with M1 in the car

We took the Monkeys to see "Monkey!" at the Young Vic at Christmas 2001. This is the tale of the roguish Monkey and his exploits on a fabulous journey to India. It is one of the most popular classics in Asian literature. You may remember the Japanese television series from the late '70s.
Ever since then our Monkeys have gone around fighting with cotton buds as their staves! (01-Oct-2005)
The Monkeys with their cotton bud staves

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   M2 hits the drums

The Monkeys at the top of Snowdon The Monkeys at the top of Snowdon

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