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Bonsai & Dr Who logo in Variant Strain typeface.
Last half-term Bonsai took Annie to the Doctor Who Exhibition at Earls Court in London and met many monsters.

Watch out Bonsai those big Slitheen feet might stomp on you!  (31-Oct-2008)
Bonsai and a Slitheen from Doctor Who.

Can Bonsai answer the Anne Droid's questions?
Bonsai and the Anne Droid from Doctor Who.

Bonsai asks "Are you my mummy?"
Bonsai and the child's Gas Mask from Doctor Who.

This Pilot Fish came disguised as a Santa Claus.
Bonsai and a Pilot Fish disguised as a Santa Claus from Doctor Who.

The Face of Boe is friendly!
Bonsai meets the Face of Boe from Doctor Who.
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