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Mooch went on a day trip to Hastings and found the town full of pirates!
In 2010 Hastings claimed the Guiness World Record for the largest number of pirates in the same place (BBC report).
In 2011 they grouped themselves as a giant skull and crossbones on the beach as part of Hastings Old Town Carnival.

Mooch met several pirates!  (05-Aug-2011)
This Pirate had a nicely painted black van, and he had his own monkey too - look behind Mooch!
Mooch monkey meets a pirate at Hastings.

There were pirates in the pubs! Here's the Cutter and the Dolphin.
Mooch monkey with pirates in a pub at Hastings.
Pirates at a pub in Hastings.

Pirates make loud music! Here's the drummers "beating to quarters".
Pirates drumming in Hastings.
Pirates drumming in Hastings.

The "Sex Pirates" played for the crowd and got them dancing.
Pirate group plays in Hastings.
A happy pirate crowd in Hastings.
Pirates dance in Hastings.

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