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Mooch went on a day trip to Hastings and found the town full of pirates!

Here are some more dancing pirates!  (05-Aug-2011)
Pirates dance in Hastings.

All of the pirates were very friendly to the kids.
Pirates in Hastings.

Captain Jack Sparrow takes a break from entertaining.
Captain Jack Sparrow in Hastings.

Mooch took a break and sat in his deckchair on the beach.
Mooch monkey in a deckchair on Hastings beach.

The trains on the Hastings Miniature Railway dressed up too.
Mooch will have to be in full pirate gear next time.
Mooch monkey at the Hastings Miniature Railway on Pirate Day.

A train driver talks to her passengers.
Pirates at the Hastings Miniature Railway.

The crazy golf already had galleons!
The Hastings crazy golf course on Pirate Day.

But there were no galleons on the beach.
Mooch monkey at Hastings beach.

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