Wayfarers - 2
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These are representations of the pages created by David Lawrence, and were put here after his death.
Bob & Una's memoirs of the 1940s include more information about the Wayfarers.

Wayfarers logo Watford Model Flying Club 1945 - 1951 Page 2

Wayfarers group photo All Hert's Rally, Radlett Aerodrome, August 1949. An example of how the families assisted at the rallies.

Back row L-R : Bob Jones, Bob's father, Una Jones, Pat Ward, Pat's father. Front row L-R : Bill Farrow, Roger King and Pete Floyd.

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Surbiton Glider Gala, Epson Downs March 1949. Playing a low profile to keep out of the wind.

L-R: Brian Woollams with 10 footer, Den Jones with 6 footer and Pat Ward.
Wayfarers group photo
Dennis Jones with sailplane Den Jones with his 10 footer 'Nilgai'.

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This photo was taken about 1950. It shows David Lawrence ([original] creator of this web site) with a rubber duration model. The model was designed by Don McLachlan and had a an unusual triangular fuselage which replaced the fin. It was built by several members of the club, and did well in duration competitions. The model had an unusual dethermalizer system, the wing fixture to the fuselage was released by a burning fuse and the wing was now held only by a cord from the wingtip to the tail resulting in the plane spinning down to the ground slowly, like a sycamore seed. David is now aged 73 [when these pages were created] and has considerably less hair! A puzzle exists with this photo however, as David is right-handed and would never hold a model that way. Maybe the pose had something to do with the direction of the light! David Lawrence with model plane
Tony Noel with sailplane 1950 International Week at Eaton Bray. F.A.I sailplane contest.

Tony Noel flew Den Jones' model proxy and won the event.

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