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These are representations of the pages created by David Lawrence, and were put here after his death.
Bob & Una's memoirs of the 1940s include more information about the Wayfarers.

Wayfarers logo Watford Model Flying Club 1945 - 1951 Page 3

Where are they now... recent photos of members.

Dave Lawrence and Brian Woollams Dave Lawrence (left) and Brian Woollams. Photo snapped at Jaywick Sept. 2008.

David lives in South Carolina and his interests are Meccano and pen & ink portraiture. [David Lawrence died in January 2010]

Brian lives on the Essex coast and his interests include seascape painting in pastels.
Pat Ward now lives in Australia. He suffered a stroke in 2007 and now resides in a retirement home near Melbourne.

Pat is a keen crossword puzzler. He has a daughter living nearby.

[Pat Ward died in November 2009]
Pat Ward
Una and Bob Jones Bob and Una Jones at their Harpenden home. Photo 2006

Both Bob and Una are writing their biographies. Be sure to check these out.
Dennis Jones, now lives in Canada. Dennis Jones

Acknowledgements: Pat Ward for chronological data and captions to many photos. Many members for use of their photos. 'Aeromodeller' photo of Tony Noel. Bob & Una Jones and Pat & Margaret Ward for active help in location of members.

Two publications record the events of the 1946 - 1951 club. They are:
'Wayfarers : The story of the 1940s Aeromodelling Club and its members' (1997) by David Lawrence
'An Extra Touch of Dope commemorating Kings Langley Aeromods, Watford Aeromods, Wayfarers 1946 -1952' by Pat Ward

This web site was [originally] produced and maintained by Dolphin Designs [David Lawrence]

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