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This business appears to have ceased trading.
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When Mooch found there was a bar called mooch he had to go there!
The mooch@76 cafe bar is in Burgess Hill, East Sussex.
It is well known for its good menu and events.

Mooch outside the mooch@76 cafe bar in Burgess Hill.  (06-Apr-2009)
Mooch monkey outside the mooch@76 cafe bar, Burgess Hill, East Sussex.
Mooch ordered a Guiness and tried to decide what to have from the menu!
Mooch monkey with a Guiness and the menu at the mooch@76 cafe bar in Burgess Hill.
Mooch had a 'mooch mega burger' and enjoyed finishing it!
Mooch monkey looks at a burger, at the mooch@76 cafe bar in Burgess Hill.
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