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Lewis Jones 1894-1953

Lewis Jones 1894-1953.
Lewis Jones was a principal artist and fabric designer for the Silver Studio from 1910 to 1953. During the First World War he fought in the Middle East and on the Western Front.

Lewis Jones (sometimes Louis Jones) was born on the 5th May 1894 at 22 Lowestoft Road, Watford in Hertfordshire. He was the 15th, and last, child of Robert Jones and Susan Selina Ann Jones. His mother's maiden name was Cross. Hardly ever called Lewis, he was known by family and friends as Jack.

His parents, brothers and sisters had lived at Outward Kiln, which was next to Coldharbour Farm, Aldbury in Hertfordshire. The kiln and farm were both parts of the farming, building and brick making business of Lewis' grandfather. In the late 1800s, Callow Land in Watford was an area being developed, and where Lewis' father Robert was employed as a carpenter. They were one of the first to move into the newly built homes in Lowestoft Road. Number 22, where Lewis was born, was slightly larger than most of the other houses, with bigger bedrooms over an alleyway.

Lewis attended Callowland Boys School in Leavesden Road, Watford. The only time he spoke of his school was to say that he was responsible for smashing the back of the school's upright piano whilst moving it at high speed across the school hall.

Lewis Jones at Callowland School, c1899
Lewis Jones at Callowland School, Watford,
he's the boy at front-left, c1899

Lewis Jones with his father Robert Jones, c1902
Lewis Jones with his father Robert Jones, c1902

Lewis Jones with his father Robert Jones, c1902
Lewis Jones and his sister Ethel (Doll) Jones
outside 22 Lowestoft Road, Watford, c1902.
In the window are canaries for sale.

The family had a pony and trap pulled by Nobbler, an unbroken stallion. They had a stable on a small holding in North Watford. Lewis' sisters were responsible for Nobbler, but he was very difficult to handle and they were afraid of him. When Lewis was old enough he could control Nobbler.

At 14 years of age Lewis started to study design at Watford School of Science and Art.
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