The Chorus of Other Characters - 1

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Swinger, Slowpoke the sloth and Fumbles.

Swinger, Slowpoke the sloth and Fumbles
   Swinger outside the Adnams Sole Bay Brewery and pub.

Swinger gets a dad and Slowpoke gets a girlfriend!

Digits, a big floppy version of Swinger, arrived in March 2006.
Slowpoke 2 arrived at Christmas 2005.
Swinger and Slowpoke introduce Digits and SP2
Slowpoke plays "Banana Drama"  (16-Jun-2002)
Slowpoke plays "Banana Drama"

Poet, Valentine and Chopstix.

Poet, Valentine and Chopstix
   Poet at the Under the Pier Show on Southwold Pier.

Bongo and his son.

Bongo and his son
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