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The Horniman Museum in South London has a large collection covering Natural History, Anthropology and Musical Instruments.

Mooch wasn't sure about the ape skeletons!  (08-Apr-2013)
Mooch monkey looks at ape skeletons in the Horniman Museum

The Music Gallery has several interactive displays
The Music Gallery at the Horniman Museum

The Music Gallery also has static displays, but with videos to show how the instruments are used.
The Music Gallery at the Horniman Museum

In the entrance to the African Worlds Gallery there is a friendly lion that can be gently touched.
Mooch monkey with the lion at the Horniman Museum

This Ijele Mask comes from Nigeria. It is about 4 metres tall.
Mooch monkey with the Ijele Mask at the Horniman Museum

There are lots of other masks in the collection.
African masks at the Horniman Museum

These two are Ibibio Cement Sculptures from Nigeria.
Mooch monkey with Ibibio Cement Sculptures at the Horniman Museum

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