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There are several windmills still standing in London. Mooch visited the Shirley Windmill which was built in 1854 to replace a previous windmill. This windmill is often open to visitors.
The windmill stands a long way above the modern houses.  (18-Sep-2011)
Mooch monkey visits the Shirley Windmill - a view from the top.

Mooch found some examples of millstones.
Mooch monkey sits on a millstone at the Shirley Windmill

There are lots of mechanisms to move grain and flour around the mill, bag it and measure it.
Mooch monkey at the Shirley Windmill
Mooch monkey in a bag at the Shirley Windmill
Mooch monkey in a measuring bin at the Shirley Windmill

Mooch made friends with the windmill's cat, but he thought the rats in the hopper were having too much fun!
Mooch monkey with the Shirley Windmill cat

Mooch also had a go at grinding some flour by hand
Mooch monkey grinding flour at the Shirley Windmill

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