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Mina has been keeping track of the visitors to mooch.org.uk and decided to find out where in the world visitors came from. Mina is Mooch monkey's vampire sister, and like The Count in Sesame Street she is rather partial to numbers! Mina was very careful to use only real and proper web page visits (impressions), and to ignore the rest, including web crawlers. These statistics relate to page visits up to the end of 2013.

First she did a lot of SQL to analyze the stats.  (28-Jan-2014)
Mina Mooch monkey checks her SQL
Using the data she made this map of from which countries in the world the visitors came.
Where in the world Mooch monkey has had hits on mooch.org.uk
The colouring indicates the average number of good page impressions each year, during 2006 to 2013.
  6500 - UK   155 - Germany   2.5 to 12 - inc. Argentina, South Africa, Iran
  1790 - USA   60 to 120 - Australia, France, Switzerland, Netherlands   some - inc. Egypt, North Korea
  397 - Canada   25 to 50 - inc. China, Brazil, India, Poland, Sweden   none
  243 - Japan   13 to 24 - inc. Mexico, Ireland, Singapore, Russia
Mina also made this pie chart of the percentage of visitors from various world regions.
Where in the world Mooch monkey has had page visits on www.mooch.org.uk
  British Isles - 64.2%
  Africa - 0.2%
  South Americas - 0.8%
  North Americas - 21.5%
  Pacific Asia - 5.2%
  Asia-South - 0.4%
  Middle East - 0.4%
  Russia & Eastern Europe - 1.3%
  North, South & Central Europe - 6.0%
Some of the favourite groups of pages from 2006 to 2013 include:
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