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Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire was the centre of the British code breaking operations during World War 2. It was also the home of Colossus, the first programmable electronic digital computer. After many years of denial of its existence, and being allowed to become very run-down it is now open as a museum - but had no government funding until 2012, having to rely on donations from individuals, lotteries and companies such as Google  (23-Sep-2008)
Mooch monkey hangs from the Bletchley Park sign.

Here's the Victorian mansion around which the huts of Station X were built.
Mooch monkey and the Bletchley Park mansion.

One of the most famous people to work here was the mathematician Alan Turing.
Here's Mooch sitting on the Alan Turing statue which shows him with an Enigma machine.
Mooch monkey sits on the statue of Alan Turing working an Enigma.

Mooch was very privileged to get his hands on an actual Enigma machine
(although its only a three rotor version of the German WW2 cipher machine).
Mooch monkey with an Enigma machine.
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Turing & Enigma  - Enigma & Bombes  - Bombes & Huts  - Tours  - Lorenz & Tunny  - Colossus computer
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