A Day Trip to the Isle of Wight - Ferry Return

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From the beach at Ryde we could see across the Solent to Portsmouth.  (16-Sep-2008)
Portsmouth seen from Ryde on the Isle of Wight.
There is a lot of activity in the Solent. Here's a hovercraft and a paddle steamer.
A hovercraft passing a paddle steamer.
Big Mama Schweetheart tells Yeti its time to leave the beach and catch a ferry home.
Big Mama and Yeti on the sea wall at Ryde, Isle of Wight.
This is one of the vehicle ferries to Portsmouth leaving Fishbourne on the Isle of Wight.
Mina laughed when she saw it was carrying a house!
A WightLink ferry leaving Fishbourne, Isle of Wight.
On the ferry going back to Porstmouth we passed a lot of other boats.
Mina monkey watches as a ferry passes.
This must be Portsmouth because that's the Spinnaker Tower.
Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower as seen from the ferry.
Mina watches as the cars start to leave the ferry.
Mina monkey looking down the ferry's vehicle deck.
Mina would like to thank Wightlink for the easy ferry crossings.
Mina monkey below a Wightlink name sign.
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  Ferry going  Ventnor & Coast  Ferry return
  More Isle of Wight:  Trip 1  Trip 2  Trip 3  Trip 4  Pubs  Garlic Farm
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