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Most of Mooch's changes and updates from 2007 to 2011 are listed on this blog index / picture diary page.
The most recent updates are here.


Yeti and Big Brother Scheetheart wish you a Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas 2007


Mooch monkey and robin wish you a Happy New Year
Happy new year 2008
Mooch monkey is ready for Burns Night 2008.
Burns night 2008
Big Mama on Pancake Day 2008
Pancake day 2008
Big Mama Schweetheart and George Clooney for Valentines 2008
Valentines day 2008
Big Brother Schweetheart on World Book Day 2008.
World Book Day 2008
Mooch with a Guiness for St Patricks Day 2008.
St Patricks Day 2008
Big Mama in her bunny ears for Easter 2008.
Easter Sunday 2008
Yeti enjoys early April snow showers.
Early April snow showers
Mooch monkey hides in a forest glade of blue bells.
Late April blue bells
Mooch takes Mr Monkey to the pub.
Mooch takes Mr Monkey
to the pub
Big Mama at Bexhill.
A trip to Bexhill
Big Mama wishes Bob a Happy Birthday.
Bob's Birthday 2008
Happy Birthday Mooch.
Mooch's Birthday 2008
Bob and Una's memoirs.
Bob & Una's 1920 & 1930 memoirs
Mina says Happy Birthday to Annie!
Happy Birthday Annie!
Big Mama Schweetheart ready to smash an egg!
Big Mama wants to help
On the beach at Ryde.
Isle of Wight day trip
Mooch inspects grapes.
Autumn fruits
Mooch with an Enigma machine.
Mooch with an Enigma 
at Bletchley Park
Mooch friends online
Online friends
Bonsai at Doctor Who exhibition
Doctor Who exhibition
Various mouse devices
Happy birthday mice!
Christmas 2008
Christmas 2008


Yeti in the snow, February 2009.
February snow 2009
Mooch at Down House for Darwin's birthday
Happy birthday Darwin
Mooch at the Spyglass Inn, Ventnor
3 more Isle of Wight pubs
Mooch and Monty at Ventnor
2nd Isle of Wight trip
Mooch meets friends in Harpenden
Friends in Harpenden
Mooch on the moon
Moon landing anniversary
Happy Birthday Mooch.
Mooch's birthday 2009
Bob & Una's 1940s memoirs
Bob & Una's 1940s memoirs
Mooch at the Croydon Mela 2009
Croydon Mela 2009
The Zig-Zags on a road sign
The Zig-Zags find where they want to live
A Zig-Zag with a hovercraft
A Zig-Zag gets a wash and blow dry from a hovercraft!
Mooch and Winnie-the-Pooh at Pooh Bridge
Playing Pooh Sticks at Pooh Bridge
Mooch monkey watches ferries at Portsmouth
Two Portsmouth pubs
Mooch monkey at two sections of the Berlin Wall
20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall
Mooch monkey visits the Mooch homeware & gifts shop in Buckingham
Mooch homeware & gift shop


Late December snow at the Elephant & Castle.
Late December snow at the Elephant & Castle
Yeti & Big Mama Schweetheart share a scarf in the January snow.
Yeti & Mama share a scarf in the snow
A Mooch monkey family and a Mooch in a hat from Ibiza.
A large Mooch family
The Bridge Tavern, Old Portsmouth in the dusk
The Bridge Tavern, Old Portsmouth
Mooch monkey wants you to vote Banana Party
2010 General Election
Mooch monkey hunts elephants at the Elephant Parade London 2010
London Elephant Parade
Mooch monkey meets a friend on an elephant at Tower Bridge during the Elephant Parade London 2010
Friends on an elephant
Mooch monkey at the Elephant Parade London 2010
Yet more elephants
Mooch monkey with the Jimi Hendix statue
Isle of Wight Festival
Mooch monkey sits on Cloudia at the Elephant Parade London 2010
Yet more elephants
Mooch monkey at Chelsea with the Elephant Parade London 2010
The last elephants
Mooch monkey with pterosaurs in London 2010
Mooch monkey at the Chester Rhino Mania
Rhinos in Chester
Mooch monkey in Brighton
Happy Birthday Mooch.
Mooch's birthday 2010
Mooch monkey at the Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway.
Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway
Mooch monkey at Dungeness
Mooch monkey at Hythe
Mooch monkey at Samphire Hoe
Samphire Hoe
Mooch sees real rhinos.
Mooch sees real rhinos
Wayfarers sailplane
Wayfarers 1945-1951
A Schweetheart with icicles


Mooch monkey at Runnymede.
Mooch monkey fills in his 2011 Census form.
Census 2011
Mooch monkey celebrates the first manned spaceflight with Vostok 1 and Yuri Gagarin.
First manned spaceflight anniversary
Mooch monkey at Osborne House.
Osborne House &
more Isle of Wight
Mooch monkey at Gilbert White's House
Gilbert White's House
Trips to Portsmouth
Namdaeng from Thailand
New friend
Namdaeng from Thailand
Mooch at Pride in Bournemouth
Pride in Bournemouth
Mina mooch monkey flies with shuttle discovery.
The Last Shuttle!
Mooch birthday 2011
Birthday 2011
Mooch at Pride in Bournemouth
More Bournemouth lions
Mooch at Gagarin Statue in London
Gagarin Statue in London
Mooch at Hastings Pirate Day
Hastings Pirate Day
Mooch monkey at !Wow Gorillas in Bristol.
Wow! Gorillas in Bristol
Mooch monkey at !Wow Gorillas in Bristol.
More Wow! Gorillas
Mina mooch monkey at Pride in Bournemouth.
Last of the Lions in Bournemouth
Mooch monkey at Badger Brewery.
Badger Brewery
Mooch monkey at !Wow Gorillas in Bristol.
Yet more Wow! Gorillas
Mooch monkey at Shirley Windmill.
Shirley Windmill
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